Andree saved me and my child from sure destitute during my divorce 5 years ago. Back then, I was an immigrant with no family in this country, no work, no education, with nowhere to turn and nowhere to go, being pushed out on the street by my ex-now husband, absolutely terrified at the newly hit reality of being a single mother of a small child, harrassed on every side by my ex-husband's lawyers, and totally lost in the American legal system. I got lucky because God sent me the Angel - Andree. He got me a huge divorce settlement, and huge child support and alimony payments. Because of that money, I was able to graduate college, get a good job at an accounting firm, and I am getting my CPA license this summer. I feel very secured about my future, and for the first time, I am not scared to think about it. I and my child are having a good life, and that is all thanks to Andree.


Have to post my testimonial - Andree kept me sane during my divorce. He never gave up and kept me in the right mindset to keep fighting for my daughter. Now I have full custody of my daughter, she is now an honor roll student, state champion gymnist and a happy kid. For anyone out there looking for help, Andree did a great job. Not only in the courts but divorce is an emotional rollercoaster and he kept my sanity on the right track.


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