The State of California has parenting time guidelines that are based on the idea that children need "frequent, meaningful and continuing contact with each parent." The state also acknowledges that each parent nurtures or cares for the child in important ways.

Each parent is a unique individual, and each parent has special gifts to offer and experiences to share with the child or children.

Our attorneys work to find agreeable child custody agreements. If you, as a parent, cannot agree on legal and physical custody and visitation, a judge may do it for you. At Taylor Solano & Associates, we feel it is almost always best to avoid a custody battle and find a way to work out an agreement outside the courtroom.

Child Custody Considerations

There are a number of child custody considerations that you will need to take into account. Child custody determinations will depend upon:

  • Parent communication If your child was injured in an accident, could you agree on medical decisions? When soccer practice is cancelled, could you find a way to arrange for alternate transportation? Can you discuss the small day-to-day issues as well as the important life changing ones?
  • Parenting history How does your past behavior impact a child custody agreement? For instance, if you have been a hard-working but absent parent, will that change? Have you posted negative public comments about your spouse on your social networking page?
  • Physical living conditions Does your work schedule prohibit you from having physical custody of your children? Do you work a night shift or does your work require out of town travel? Will you need to move into an apartment that may not have a separate room for the children?

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