Complicated Divorces Made Simple

Whether you have been married for 30 days or 30 years, when your life as a married couple ends, you need to find an efficient and positive way to separate from your spouse and divide possessions and property. As a law firm that focuses on family law, we have experience finding creative solutions for agreements regarding an equitable and fair division of marital assets.

At Taylor Solano & Associates family law is one of our main areas of legal focus. Taylor Solano & Associates has a strong reputation for his experience in family law and divorce matters.

Our law firm has extensive experience handling divorce issues involving:

  • Allocation of assets
  • Business valuation
  • Inheritance issues
  • Forensic accounting and discovery
  • High-net worth divorce
  • Child support and spousal support determinations
  • Child custody disputes
  • Reaching out of court agreements

In California, Equitable Does Not Necessarily Mean 50/50

When it comes to the division of assets, we have seen a multitude of scenarios, each involving their own set of unique facts and circumstances. However, our experience in each of these cases allows us to unravel jointly owned assets and possessions in a number of ways. Some examples of the cases we have handled include:

A simple scenario:

  • Your home is worth $150,000 with $100,000 left to pay on the mortgage
  • Your retirement assets are worth $50,000
  • You have no credit card debt

A more common scenario:

  • Your home is worth $150,000 and you have $120,000 left on your mortgage
  • Your retirement assets are worth $28,000
  • You have $12,000 in credit card debt
  • The custodial parent works part time and will not be able to afford the current mortgage payments

A more unusual scenario:

  • Your home is worth $150,000 and you have $15,000 left to pay on the mortgage
  • You have no retirement assets but have $75,000 in stocks
  • You own a business with $3.5 million in gross income
  • You own unimproved non-liquid real estate valued at $85,000

Trust Us for Division of Property Solutions

Whether your divorce is straightforward, your facts include both debt and child custody issues, or it will be a complex high-net worth divorce, we can help. Please send us an e-mail, or call our lawyers to discuss your case. We look forward to assisting you with your legal concerns.

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