When Things Change, We Can Help

An order or judgment is like a snapshot in time. It is an order executed on a particular day and time, based on current circumstances. However, circumstances and situations often change over time. Occasionally they can change to such a degree that the prior agreement needs to be modified or changed. When your circumstances change we can help.

At Taylor Solano & Associates., our attorneys help men and women with modifications to child custody, child support and spousal support agreements. California has very specific regulations regarding modifications. Put our experience modifying divorce agreements to work for you.

Common Reasons for Support or Custody Modifications

It has been said that the only thing that is constant, is change. The most common reasons for child custody, spousal support or child support modifications are:

  • Change in employment a job loss, job change or job promotion could all be reasons for a change in support or custody.
  • Change in location a job transfer is one of many reasons for an interstate move-away.
  • Change in health an injury to the custodial parent can alter the ability to care for a child, an illness of other family members could require the custodial parent to relocate and care for them in addition to their child, or a debilitating illness or accident that affects the child can mean that care of the child may be beyond the scope of one parent's capacity.
  • Change in behavior a relapse for alcohol, drug or gambling addiction could be a reason for a child custody modification.
  • Change in family dynamics re-marriage can alter an existing situation.
  • Change in legal status although less common, a deportation or incarceration will make child custody modifications necessary.

Working Towards Solutions

At our law firm, we take a problem solving approach. Our attorneys work towards helping you understand the advantages and disadvantages of requesting, or fighting, a custody or support modification. We strive to:

  • Resolve the situation as painlessly as possible
  • Prepare you to make informed choices by clearly explaining the pros and cons of your legal options
  • Encourage your participation throughout the process
  • Provide you with a recommended course of action
  • Take the necessary legal actions based on your decisions

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