Real Estate Litigation

Real estate disputes can be as diverse as the parties and the projects themselves. For developers, litigation can arise with land sellers over purchase and sale agreements. With municipalities, litigation may occur over zoning and entitlements. Contractors may encounter litigation over construction bidding, cost overruns or construction defects and delays. For lenders, litigation can arise with borrowers over loan commitments, loan defaults and associated debt and collateral recovery. For property owners, disputes can arise with retail and commercial tenants over unpaid rent, repair and restoration obligations, and rights of first refusal.

Our firm is accomplished at advising clients in numerous complex real estate matters. We handle disputes over the sale of buildings and portfolios, rights of first refusal, , financing documents, option agreements, quiet title disputes, specific performance cases, title insurance claims, joint ventures, condemnation, and environmental aspects of real estate. We have experience in every facet of real estate litigation and represent clients in various forums, including state and federal court, quasi-judicial, and administrative proceedings.

Effective real estate litigation requires striking a balance between aggressive litigation and the ability to resolve a case with alternative dispute resolution or mediation. In order to achieve our clients’ objectives, we draw upon our expertise in other disciplines including environmental, tax, corporate and restructuring/bankruptcy law. In addition, equitable considerations are often present because of the unique nature of real property rights.

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